Application help

This list will help you to submit your decision and application to make it as smooth as possible. Remember our expert teams are available should you need their support or seek clarification on the documents we request for your client.

Top tips

  • Don’t type in capital letters - if you do, the details will need to be changed which will mean resubmitting the information.
  • Ensure the address history is accurate - we’ll search addresses for the last 3 years and if they don’t match your information, the decision could be affected.
  • Check the applicant’s full name is correct, including any middle or maiden names.
  • Make sure any overtime/bonus or other types of income are separate from basic income. Any changes may affect affordability.  Let us know an employer’s e-mail address to speed up a reference request if required.
  • If available provide two telephone numbers at the initial application stage, this will assist in booking a valuation if required.
  • If the employer’s head office address is different from the applicant’s place of work, please add a note in the additional information box as we will query this if the commute appears too long.
  • Ensure that information relating to the deposit is correct e.g. if it was a gift or savings.
  • Ensure that any Solicitor chosen by your client is on our panel as if not this will cause delays to the offer.
  • Please complete your clients bank details in full on the application form, this means we will not require further direct debit mandate to be signed.

Document list top tips

  • Check the list and upload all the requested documents
  • Bank statements should show salary credits and be for a full calendar month, you may need to send separate statements if using a ‘bills’ account. We also accept electronic bank statements
  • Use the standalone version of the Customer Declaration Form for your client to read and sign. You'll find this in the Literature section. This should be uploaded at the same time as the application
  • Ensure all documents are clear and legible
  • For the fastest and most secure way to get your documents to Platform, please use the “Upload a Document” option on the Documents tab in Click. Documents uploaded in Click are automatically verified and are actioned more quickly.
  • Review the “Check and Send” tab on Click to ensure all required documents have been uploaded to progress your clients application.  You can upload all documents at this point from the list supplied otherwise we will send a document request as a reminder.
  • Check all signatures on the identification match the signatures on the declaration.

On all Platform applications it is a requirement to check the customer’s signature against any ID documentation that we have on file. If the customer’s signature on the declaration form does not match the signature on the ID that is on file then the process is to request another declaration signed in the presence of a witness.